Butt Fusion Machine

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Butt Fusion Machine

The Butt fusion machine is one of the most important machines in the machinery industry. Butt fusion is a thermofusion process which involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two pipe/fitting components and compounding them under pressure. Using a butt fusion machine will make the process easier, faster, and safer to perform. In addition, butt welding machines are very easy to carry from one place to another when compared with the other alternatives. Because they are lighter than other alternatives.

The mouth part of the piece to be made of HDPE butt welding is heated to 200-220 degrees to be smoothly corrected. Then they will be combined by touching each other. Hdpe butt welding is pressed hard, holding certain areas on the heater, waiting under pressure and combining them. With this method, it has one-to-one properties to the original. If we want to get a good hdpe butt welding, a good force and temperature are required.

What is Butt Fusion?

Butt fusion welding is a method of joining pipes and fittings of the same width and thickness using pressure and heat. The mouth of the to-be-welded HDPE part is heated to 200-220 degrees in order to be smoothly smoothed. They will then be joined by touching each other. HDPE butt welding is performed by pressing down on specific areas of the heater, waiting under pressure, and combining them. With this method, it has one-to-one properties to the original. If we want to get a good HDPE butt welding, a good force and temperature are required. In fact, the properties are the same, only millimeters different.

This method must be carried out under the supervision of an observer, and each sequence of execution must be recorded by the observers or any other people involved in the project.
The air conditions of the day on which the practice will take place must be suitable for the practice (+5), and the practice must take place indoors during bad weather. As a result, the air quality must be checked several days before the practice.

Whoever leads the practice must be a well educated and sertificated person whom will manage it with meticulous care. Most owners of PE pipe systems require that people performing butt welding of PE pipes are qualified by completing a recognised training course.

The butt fusion machines used to weld PE pipes have controls to ensure the welding parameters are strictly adhered to. We must be sure that the work pieces we are going to weld together are clean. Work pieces should be laid out on the workbench or clamped. After these steps, we use high heat to melt the area which will be welded. Then we press the pieces. After a little time, the pieces which had been pressed become one piece.

Butt Fusion Machines

Butt Fusion Welding

The quality of these machines affects the quality of the execution and the result of butt welding. Therefore, you must be sure that you are using the right machines with good quality. In addition, you must check every piece which you are going to use before you use it. Because missing or damaged pieces would ruin the entire execution and return you as a failure. If you want to have good work and a good result without any trouble, you must choose good machines with good quality. In our company, we are very proud of producing high quality products.

There are three different types of butt fusion machines. “Manuel Butt Fusion Welding Machines”, “Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machines” and “Automatic Butt Fusion Machines.”

If you want to have more information about the butt fusion method and the butt fusion machines, please connect with us from our internet site or our other contract addresses. Helping and supporting our customers is our greatest aim.

How Much Does a Butt Fusion Machine Cost?

A butt welding machine’s price can change depending on the size of the machine. You can find these machines on the internet, but every site has a different price list. In our company, we are very proud of producing good quality products of good quality. You can visit our price list catalogue or you can connect with us whenever you want.

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