What is CNC Butt Welding Machine?

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CNC Butt Welding Machines

CNC butt welding machine works with a hydraulic system and allows two additional parts or plastic pipes to be joined automatically with the help of heat and pressure, without the need for diameter adjustment thanks to certain welding parameters. CNC butt welding machine generally consists of five parts: machine body, machine trimmer, machine heater, machine control unit and machine housing box.

CNC welding machine provides a combination that will create a much more robust and smooth appearance.

CNC Butt Welding Machines Parts

CNC Butt Welding Machine Body

It supports the plastic pipes to be welded with two movable and two fixed clamps on it and provides fixing and centring.

The hydraulic pressure force is applied to the system.

With the two pistons on the carrier shaft, this force directs the moving clamps back and forth and provides the movement required for the welding process to take place.

CNC Butt Welding Machine Trimmer

It is the butt welding machine element that cleans the frontal area of ​​the pipes fixed and centred on the main body with the two rotary blades on the right and left sides and the cutter blades on these blades, before the heating process and makes it ready for heating.

The rotary motion of the trimmer is provided by the motor and reducer group on it.

CNC W160 Butt Welding Machine Trimmer unit creates burr-free and parallel pipe surfaces.

CNC Welding Machine Heater

It is the element of the butt welding machine that prepares the pipe face surfaces, which are brought to the desired roughness by the shaving process, for the joining process by heating them with the heating plate.

The temperature adjustment of the heater is made with the digital temperature adjustment thermostat located on the heater plate.

CNC Welding Machine Control Unit

Electric and hydraulic control unit; It transmits the electricity required for the operation of the machine to the heater and razor and the hydraulic pressure to the main machine.

Control unit is operated by hand control. There are four buttons and a switch on the hand control. The buttons move the movable clamps back and forth. The switch turns the shaver on.

CNC Welding Machine Operation

These computer-controlled machines offer the opportunity to eliminate operator errors. The welding operator allows the machine to perform the whole welding process automatically only by selecting the pipe diameter and pressure class from the digital screen and pressing the start button, and as a result, obtains the most important feature, the detailed welding report.

Generally, the electrical type required for the machine to work is 380 V. However, this situation varies depending on the dimensions of the machine. As a matter of fact, there are different product designs in accordance with the usage area and structure. In this context, along with the product dimensions, it is possible to evaluate it over 220 V, which is optional. However, in general, it offers a very satisfactory working effect in terms of performance.

CNC Welding Machine Usage Areas

Combining plastic pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material with other fittings, these machines are used in different areas. Generally, it provides an effective combination opportunity in all areas where a liquid transfer is found, such as wastewater, clean water and sea discharge. Thanks to its technological equipment, it creates long-lasting products. CNC butt welding machines provide the connection of pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material up to 32 Bar with fittings up to min40 max 2800 mm diameter.

Its special design and useful structure allow the product to provide a high performance. In particular, the use of the heating system allows the combined part to be evaluated for long life without any problems with liquid contact.

CNC Butt Welding Machine Types

These machines vary in size between W160 (d.40-160) -W2800 (d.1800-2800). CNC butt welding machines start from CNC W160 Plastic Pipe Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine and continue to CNC W2800 plastic pipe hydraulic butt welding machine.

CNC W160 Plastic Pipe Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine’s hydraulic power is 220 V – 0.55 kW, while the hydraulic power of CNC W2800 plastic pipe hydraulic butt welding machine is 380 V – 4 kW.

CNC Welding Machine Technical Specifications

Total electricity consumption, working pressure and required generator power vary depending on the machine type. DVS 2207-1, DVS2207-11, ISO 21307 provides powerful, easy and rapid resource reporting with the shortest operational setup in accordance with international standards. CNC butt welding machines provide ease of use thanks to its light structure. The maximum working pressure of these machines is designed as 250 Bar. It is suitable for operation at the ambient temperature of -10 C ° ~ + 40 C °.

CNC Butt Welding Machine Price

CNC butt welding machine price varies according to the welding diameter of the product. As the weld diameter increases, the price of CNC butt welding machines increases.

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