Electrofusion Fittings

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Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

Electrofusion fittings (fittings) are called by different names according to their dimensions, angles and functions and they are separated from each other.

Electrofusion fittings (additional parts) are needed to give desired slopes to pipes that are not suitable for bending and bending in pipeline laying or other areas where electrofusion is required. These fittings, which are required for this process, are generally made of HDPE material. Since this material is more flexible, more durable and more economical, it has started to be preferred in recent years.

Since each fitting is very important for the realization of the process, if they are missing, there may be big problems.

What is electrofusion?
Electrofusion is a method of welding by applying heating by means of electric current. In this method, it heats the attachment by applying electric current at the values ​​suitable for the parts determined. The parts that are heated to their melting points are fixed to each other thanks to the additional part. In addition, before the main operation, it should be ensured that the machines can give the required current. Electrofusion is controlled flat with the pipe with the welding ends upwards and then fixed. Welding machine sockets are placed on the welding ends of the attachment and made ready for welding.

If a problem occurs during welding, the molten materials may splash around and harm the people around. For this reason, in order to ensure safety and to prevent injuries, one should stay away from the machine at least one meter during the process and never approach it.

Electrofusion Welding Machine and Welding Process
Electrofusion welding is a type of welding made by heating and melting a surface with electricity. There are electrofusion parts in the fusion welding, thanks to these parts, two pipes can be connected to each other. Electrofusion machines are the tools in which this welding process takes place. All necessary electrofusion fittings (additional parts) are needed for this process to take place.

First of all, the pipes to be processed should be selected and checked. The dryness of these pipes is also a necessary step in the process. In cases where the inside and outside of the pipes are not dry, the welding process will not be healthy. Therefore, this step should not be skipped.

It is expected that the machine will give the ready signal for the welding process. After the ready signal is received, welding parameters are entered into the machine with a barcode reader or manually. After the parameters are entered, the welding process is started.

It is necessary to keep a safe distance between you and the machine for safety during welding. In addition, every step of the process should be recorded. Persons performing the transaction must be experts in their work, have received training in this job and be certified by a reliable institution.

To purchase electrofusion welding machines, you can contact us through our communication channels or take advantage of our website.

Electrofusion Te
in electrofusion

It is one of the HDPE electrofusion fittings used at the outlets of the main and intermediate lines when connecting the pipes at right angles during the laying of the pipelines. It is also used in valve and branch connections. Connections can be made easily with the electrofusion fusing method. There are varieties with different angles and sizes called Equal Te and Inegal Te.

Equal te is one of the fittings with three ends of the same diameter and most suitable for electrofusion process. It is different in Inegal. Inegal means unequal. This additional piece enables pipes of different diameters to be connected to each other.

Electrofusion Elbow
electrofusion elbow

It is one of the HDPE electrofusion fittings that allows the lines to be laid at the desired angles in the projects. Since these fittings can be produced at different angles, they provide convenience to the projects. It allows to make sharper or softer turns. There are varieties of different duties, angles and sizes, EF elbow 45° and EF elbow 90°. You can use our website and contact us through our other communication branches to make a more detailed analysis and get information.

Electrofusion Cap (Blind Plug)
electrofusion blind plug

It is one of the HDPE electrofusion fittings used to close the line at the end of pipelines. While choosing the EF blind plug, a selection should be made according to the diameter of the HDPE pipe to be applied. This step should not be skipped because products of different diameters will be useless in your process. To get more detailed information about our blind plugs, you can use our website or contact us through our other communication branches.

HDPE100 EF Cuff
electrofusion couplerElectrofusion coupler is used as an additional piece by bringing together pipe parts from liquid and gas underground lines. More general dimensions than the pipe diameter, which are produced by turning or injection technique, which are formed by the combination of polyethylene or raw materials.

According to him, it is an additional piece in which copper, brass, nickel alloy wires are wrapped.

Since the electrofusion sleeve is one of the basic elements for electrofusion welding, its quality should not be overlooked and should be primarily taken care of. To get more detailed information about EF cots, you can use our website or contact us through our other communication branches.

EF Reduction
electrofusion reduction

It allows connecting parts that are not suitable for each other. It is used when large pipes need to be connected with smaller pipes or when small pipes need to be connected with larger pipes. Ef reduction is a very important part of the process.
These parts are produced in standard sizes, so you can use our website to get more detailed information or you can reach us from our other communication branches.

EF Service Te 360°
at the service

It is one of the HDPE electrofusion fittings used in EF service, liquid or gas infrastructure systems. It is produced in accordance with the EF method. Its biggest feature is that it provides liquid and gas flow from one line to another line. It also provides convenience in branch connections.

There are two types of EF Service Tee, EF Valved Service Tee and EF Valveless Service Tee. For more detailed information, you can use our website or contact us through our other communication branches.

HDPE100 EF Saddle
ef saddle

EF saddle is one of the HDPE fittings that ensures the fluidity of the liquid, gas and chemicals passing through it to another direction by providing an outlet in the desired diameter without the use of a Te fitting on the existing HDPE pipeline. The EF saddle is used in large diameter exits.

It is highly preferred as it provides great convenience during assembly and assembly. For more detailed information, you can use our website or contact us through our other communication branches.

Electrofusion Fittings Prices
Prices of HDPE fittings vary according to their structures, sizes, angles and functions. When choosing electrofusion fittings, it should never be forgotten that the quality is as important as the price. Otherwise, badly manufactured or damaged products that you bought cheap may harm you.

We are proud and happy to sell our first quality products, which we produce at the highest standards, at the most affordable prices. Contact us to get price information.

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