Electrofusion Welding Machine

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Electrofusion Welding Machine

Electrofusion Welding Machine, which has a high technological design, provides privileged use with its technical features. It gives the opportunity to catch the desired degrees with input voltage, power, current and frequency. These products, which have a very light structure together with their cables, provide a comfortable evaluation opportunity at different temperatures.

It has the ability to weld against all imaginable brands of cots. Therefore, its use is spread over a very wide area. Moreover, since it is not affected by electrical waves from the generator, it has a continuous and trouble-free working principle.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Usage Areas

Electrofusion welding machine is used in many different fields under its quality material structure and special design.

Natural gas
Liquid fuel
agricultural irrigation lines
Drinking water
In all these areas, it provides a quality use opportunity with confidence and peace of mind. Moreover, due to the common structure of the products, it has the technology to keep the last entered time in its memory. In this way, the previous job can be recorded. Pipe systems prepared under polyethylene design are highly preferred today because they are resistant to all kinds of impacts. Moreover, its usage areas continue to expand and progress over time.

Durable Structure and Technology Design Electrofusion Welding Machine

The pipe and machine, prepared with a special polyethylene material structure under a flexible structure, are resistant to friction and abrasion. Moreover, since the machine is resistant to corrosion, it provides a long-lasting structure. In addition to the high performance it provides, it can be obtained at much more affordable prices thanks to the low cost it offers. Especially thanks to its polyethylene material structure, it provides a very strong resistance against both water and chemicals. The high-quality material structure and wide usage area it constitutes are an important factor in the product’s high preference.

Long-lasting Use in Confidence

You can safely use electrofusion welding machines with its design and technological structure. As the pipes and machine type, especially through the polyethylene material structure, offer resistance against all kinds of effects, they create a long-lasting structure. It can be ordered safely at very affordable prices; Safe use can be achieved in any desired area.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Models

There are two models of Electrofusion Welding Machines produced by Elborweltech.

Electrofusion Welding Machine

EFW 630 Electrofusion Welding Machine is an electrofusion welding machine with AC current output. It is only used in welding pipe fittings made of polyethylene and polypropylene by electrofusion method; It can be used for welding all brands of electrical fittings.
EFW 1200 Electrofusion Welding Machine is an electrofusion welding machine with AC current output. It is only used in welding pipe fittings made of polyethylene and polypropylene by electrofusion method; It can be used for welding all brands of electrical fittings.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Price

Electrofusion Welding Machine prices may vary according to the size of the machine. You can find these machines online, but each site has a different price list. We are proud of producing high standards and quality products in our company. You can visit our price list catalog or contact us at any time.

Electrofusion Welding Machine installation and operation

Electrofusion Welding Machine should not be used other than its purpose. It should be used by personnel who have the necessary welding knowledge and experience. Before using the Electrofusion Welding Machine, you should carefully read the User’s Manual; You must start the welding operation by taking all necessary safety precautions.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Installation Recommendations

In order for the machine to work efficiently, it should be placed in a place where it can cool itself comfortably. For this reason, there should be no obstacles that would make air circulation difficult at the place where the machine will operate. Electrofusion welding machine should not be exposed to direct heat.
The electrofusion welding machine must be placed on a solid ground so that it will not fall or tip over.
The heat tests were carried out at ambient temperature and the operating factor was adjusted according to -15+60˚C by simulation; take it into account.
Do not weld in open areas in windy and rainy conditions. If welding is mandatory, take the electrofusion welding machine and the welding area in a protective enclosure.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Mains Connection

EFW 630 Electrofusion Welding Machine works at 1 phase 220 VAC 50-60 Hz supply voltage. The socket to be connected must have a grounding line in accordance with the relevant standards. The machine should never be operated in the connections that do not have a ground line.

It should never be used in networks. Problems that may arise as a result of using it in 3-phase networks are not covered by the warranty. The network to which the machine is connected must be protected with a 32A fuse.


EFW 630 Electrofusion Welding Machine works with a generator providing 1 phase 5.5 KVA 220 VAC 50-60 Hz supply voltage. Make sure your generator produces 5.5 KVA power.


The power cable has been determined by reference to the current values of the machine. To increase the length of the power cord, only use extension cords with the following specifications:

Up to 20 meters: 3×1.5 mm2 (2.5 mm2 recommended) Type H07RN-F
Between 20-25 meters: 3×2.5 mm2 (4 mm2 recommended) H07RN-F Type

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