What is Electrofusion Welding Machine?

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Electrofusion Welding Machine

Electrofusion welding machine is computer-controlled machines used for welding 40-1200 mm diameters of HDPE-PP-PVDF pipes and electrofusion fittings up to 10-32 bars. These machines provide powerful, easy and serial welding with the shortest set-up operation in accordance with ISO 12176-1 International standard. It is lightweight and very easy to use. Electrofusion machine has a maximum working resistance of 120 Amps. It is suitable for operation at the ambient temperature of -15 C ° ~ + 60 C °.


Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion fittings vary according to their functions and sizes. These are EF Sleeve PE100, EF saddle PE 100 and EF Service TE PE100.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Working Method

The electrical type required for the operation of the electrofusion machine is 220 V. With the electrofusion sleeve, electrofusion service TE and connecting the probe cables to the sockets of the electrofusion fittings, they scanned the barcode specified by the manufacturer on the attachment with the help of a barcode reader. In this way, welding parameters are determined automatically and the machine is started and an electrical current is supplied according to the desired voltage value and time. At the end of the period, the resource is finished, and the report of the resource is transferred to the memory.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Usage Areas

Combining plastic pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material with electrofusion fittings, these machines are used in different areas. Generally, it provides an effective combination opportunity in all areas where a liquid transfer is found, such as wastewater, clean water and sea discharge. It has been designed to perform extremely fast and low-cost operation especially in the repair of pipelines. Thanks to its technological equipment, it creates long-lasting products. Electrofusion welding machines allow the connection of pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material up to 0-120 Amperes with fittings up to a diameter of min40 max2800 mm.

These welding machines allow the product to provide high performance with its special design and useful structure.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Types

These machines vary in size between EFW630 (d.20-630) -EFW1200 (d.20-1200). Electrofusion machines start from EFW630 plastic pipe electrofusion machine and continue to EFW1200 plastic pipe electrofusion welding machine.

While the resistance power of EFW630 Plastic Pipe welding machine is 220 V 0-90 Amperes, the resistance power of EFW1200 plastic pipe electrofusion welding machine is 200 V 0-120 Amperes.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Technical Features

Total electricity consumption, working pressure and required generator power vary depending on the machine type. DVS 2207-1, DVS2207-11, ISO 21307 provides powerful, easy and rapid resource reporting with the shortest operational setup in accordance with international standards. Butt welding machines provide ease of use thanks to their light structure. The maximum working resistance of these machines is designed as 120 Amps. It is suitable for operation at the ambient temperature of -15 C ° ~ + 60 C °.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Price

The prices of the machines vary according to the source diameter of the product. As the weld diameter grows, the price of electrofusion machines increases.

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