• Elbor HDPE PE Metal Geçişler – 01

    Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

    Polyethylene pipe fittings which provide special usage in different areas offer effective strength under special material structure. Initially, these fittings were used in drinking water, but spread over time to a much larger area. Especially thanks to its advanced technology, it can be safely evaluated at points where high pressure is not applied. These products […]

  • HDPE Ürünler

    Hdpe Pipes

    HDPE elbow types produced from high density polyethylene material offer a long-lasting structure. In particular, its durability ensures resistance to any impact. Moreover, hdpe pipes provide a very light design, so it can be used anywhere easily. Since it has a much higher density than polyethylene products, it provides a very strong strength. It can […]

  • EFW-1200 Elektrofüzyon Kaynak Makinesi

    Electrofusion Welding Machines

    Electrofusion welding machine which has a high technological design provides privileged usage with its technical features. Input voltage, power, current and frequency allows you to capture the desired degrees. These products, which have a very light structure with their cables, provide a chance to evaluate at different temperatures. It has the ability to weld against […]

  • What is Hdpe?

    HDPE comes from the abbreviation “High Density Polyetylene”. The hdpe obtained from petroleum is known as a high density polyethylene material. Although it is stronger, solid and heavier than LDPE, it has a much tougher structure, especially against other polyethylene options. In general, the manufacturing sector is mentioned in the industry as such. I have […]

  • Cnc Butt Welding Machines

    Depending on the dimensions of the machine, the butt welding machine performs the joining process of different plastic pipes and fittings using the butt welding method. There are different pieces of material on this subject. These parts include PP, PVDF options. It uses the heating system as the working principle when performing the joining process. […]