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Butt Welding Machines

Elbor Makine, Ø40-Ø2000 Welding Machines manufactured by Weltech; It is designed to ensure the easiest and safe use in all kinds of terrain conditions and in the most difficult conditions according to international standarts.

Butt Welding Machines Intend Of Use

Butt Welding Machines connect PE, PP; PVDF plastic pipes with diameters from Dmin 40 to Dmax 2000 in proportion to machine sizes and their attachments through butt welding using a heating system.

Butt Welding Machines Area Of Use

Butt Welding machines can be used in all areas where liquids are transferred such as clean water, waste water, sea discharge etc. through plastic pipes made of PE, PP; PVDF.

Butt Welding Machines Method Of Operation

Butt Welding machines operate on a hydraulic system. Power type required to operate the machine is 380V (triphase) however for certain machine sizes 220V (Monophase) can also be supplied based on user preference.

Elbor Butt Welding Machines

Butt Welding Machines Main Body

The main body supports and centres the plastic pipes with two fixed and two movable clamps. Using the hydraulic pressure on the system, the two pistons on the carrying metal bars move the clamps for and backwards and supply the necessary movement for the welding process.


The trimmer is the tool which cleans and smoothes the both ends of the pipes before the heating process with its blades on both sides.


The pipe ends will be heated by this heater before the welding process.
The settings of the heater will be done by the thermostat on the control box.

Operation Of The Machine And Welding Process

  • Supply energy to the hydraulic unit by means of the generator 220 V – 380 V.
  • Plug in the socket of the heater to the plug socket on the hydraulic unit and wait for the temperature raising.
  • Connect the oil in and output hoses, which is fixed on the main machine body, to the hydraulic unit.
  • Check the oil situation in the hydraulic unit on the oil indicator. In case of no oil, please put Shell Tellus 46 oil.
  • Fix the suitable clamps to the machine and locate the pipes.
Adjust the pressure adjustment regulator against clockwise on the hydraulic unit to the non-pressure position.
While adjusting the pressure adjustment regulator clockwise, press the forward button on the controlpanel. Move the clamps for and backwards till you see the clamps are moving without difficulty. We call the occured pressure while moving the clamps as Moving Pressure (MP). You can see this MP –which will be taken into consideration later- on the manometer. The average MP is max. 30 bars.
  • Find the welding pressure on the tables according to the size and PN value of the pipe. Add the MP to this welding pressure. This is the Total Pressure Value (TPV) which should be adjusted on the pressure adjustment regulator.
  • Locate the trimmer on the machine and lock the security pin.
  • Fix the socket of the trimmer to the plug on the hydraulic unit.
  • Operate the trimmer using the key on the manual control panel to be adjusted to ‘On’ position.
  • Both pipes ends have to be trimmed smoothly. Please use trimmer presure range of 20 to 60 bar.
  • Take off the trimmer from the machine after completing the trimming.
  • Control the temperature on the heater to be 220 C ̊ and locate it on the machine.
  • Heat the pipe ends according to the pressure and time parameters which are given on the tables.
  • Take off the heater and weld the pipe ends according to the TPV.
  • Cool the welded pipes according to the parameters on the tables.