Butt Welding Machines


  • Up to 32 Bar PE – PP – PVDF pipes and fittings 1000 – 1200 – 1400 – 1600 mm diameters are used in the source.
  • ISO 12176 – 1 provides powerful, easy and serial welding with the shortest operational installed in accordance with international standards.
  • Thanks to its lightweight structure, it provides easy operation.
  • The maximum operating pressure is designed as 200 Bar.
  • Suitable for operating at an ambient temperature of -10 C° ~+40 C°.

W1600 Butt Welding Machine Main Body

The main body provides the fixed and centering of the plastic pipes on which to be welded with two moving and two fixed clamps.

Hydraulic pressure force is applied to the system. With two pistons located on the carrier shaft, this force directs the moving clamps back and forth, making the movement necessary for welding to take place.

W1600 Butt Welding Machine Trimmer

It is the forehead welding machine element that cleans the forehead and makes it ready to heat the pipes fixed and centered on the main body with the two rotating blades located on the right and left sides and the cutting blades on these wings.

The rotating movement of the shaver is provided by the motor and reducer group located on it.

W1600 Forehead Welding Machine shaving unit creates burrless and parallel pipe surfaces.

W1600 Butt Welding Machine Heater

The pipe brought to the desired roughness by shaving process is the forehead welding machine element that heats the surfaces of the forehead with heating plate and prepares for the assembly process.

The temperature setting of the heater is done with the digital heat setting thermostat located on the heater plate.

W1600 Butt Welding Machine Control Unit

Electrical and hydraulic control unit; hydraulic pressure to the heater and shaver, which is necessary for the operation of the machine.

The control unit is operated by hand control. The hand controller has four buttons and a key on it. The buttons move the moving clamps back and forth. The switch runs the shaver.

W1600 Butt Welding Machine Housing Box

Housing and support box prevents the heat loss of the heater and protects the trimmer from the exterior effects in a manner supporting the heater (against impacts, water, etc.)

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