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What is Hdpe Elbow Features and price? Hdpe stands for High Density Polyethylene. The meaning of HDPE is mentioned as a polyethylene structure consisting of petroleum and therefore having a high density. As a matter of fact, it is possible to state that it has a harder, stronger and much more rigid structure than LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) when compared to other polyethylenes. It should also be underlined that it has become a concept that keeps its agenda in the manufacturing or industrial sectors in general. There is approximately 1.75 kilograms of oil in 1 kilogram of HDPE basic or raw material. To express it more clearly, it is also included in the calculations that 1 kilogram of HDpe raw material obtained from 1.75 kilograms of oil is even lighter than water. It is manufactured in the context of extrusion method or casting technology. It is essential that it is combined by using a number of welding techniques after processing with machines in machine tools. However, it should be underlined that this joining method will be a very difficult process if adhesive is used. Let’s examine HDPE Elbow Features and Price in this article.

HDPE Elbow Features

Although HDPE is similar in appearance to LDPE, it is a harder polymer with a molecular weight of about 150,000 to 400,000. It has good resistance to water and chemicals. Although it is not as resistant to light and outdoor conditions as LDPE, it can be increased with special additives (carbon black). Its mechanical properties are very good, especially its impact strength and tensile strength are high. Performance is further improved with some fillers. Generally, the tensile strength is about 225-350 kgf/cm². Its temperature resistance is above 100°C.

HDPE has a wide range of uses, including the manufacture of pressure pipes, gas distribution pipes, bottles, cans, drums, household appliances and machine parts, insulation materials, toys, electrical and electronic products. However, lately, it is possible to state that the durability of Hdpe has extended to boats and warehouse areas.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The density of HDPE varies between 0.940 – 0.970 g/cm3. It should be emphasized that its molecular morphology is different from that of LDPE. If we express these differences; Long carbon chains have few or no branches. It is therefore referred to as a crystalline (or semi-crystalline) polymer. It is very resistant to water and chemicals, but it is not as resistant to light and external conditions as LDPE. This resistance can be increased with special padding. As excellent mechanical properties, it can be stated that there is especially high impact resistance and high tensile strength. The use of certain fillers further improves the property. Typically the tensile strength is about 225,350 kgf/cm2. Its heat resistance is more than 100°C. Besides all this, this material will be a suitable option for many molding methods such as injection, extrusion, powder coating, stamping and rotational molding. Having the injection mold temperature at 50-70 °C improves and even increases the quality of the product formed from the device. It should be underlined that HDPE is also suitable for electrical applications.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

The density of LDPE varies between 0.910 and 0.930 g/cm3. Due to the long branching of the polymer chain, it will not have any shape and therefore it is flexible, very stable and the rate of being affected by any chemicals is very low. The highest or maximum capacity temperature is 80°C. Its melting point is 120 ° C. It is mentioned as a type of plastic that is flexible and less likely to wrinkle. Besides all these, LDPE can be pointed out as one of the most sought after polymers. The reason for this is that besides being economical, we can also emphasize that it is important to use it to obtain many plastic products for bottle films, suitcases, frozen food packaging, toys and more.

HDPE Elbow Types

We can say that the elbow made of PE raw material is produced according to the EF welding method and the location of the resistance. Elbow HDPE can be stated to be used in various angles according to the angle determined by the line project in the context of 30 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, 60 degree elbow and 90 degree elbow standard or hdpe, ie high density polyethylene. It can be said that more special angles can be produced according to the needs.

In HDPE Ef, it is welded to the HDPE pipe by electrofusion connection method and the desired angle is determined according to the measurements and given for the purpose of making. It will be possible to state that EF elbow is a pipe fitting made of polyethylene raw material that meets the standard by placing a resistance suitable for ef welding method with a certain diameter and angle. As a matter of fact, it is used in the rotations of the desired angle in the project. Its production at different angles provides ease of laying. EF elbow with the help of electrofusion

We can say that there are findings that it becomes much easier to connect the pipe to the Hdpe pipe. It should also be noted that EF welding machine is used for HDPE pipe connection.

HDPE Elbow Dimensions

HDPE Elbow Dimensions are in different sizes. The most used and searched sizes and terms for elbows are listed below.

160 hdpe 90 degree elbow
250mm hdpe elbow piece 45 degree
250mm hdpe elbow piece 90 degree
90 degree hdpe elbow
90 inch hdpe ef elbow
hdpe elbow 22.5
hdpe elbow inj
hdpe elbow price
hdpe elbow dimensions
hdpe dn 300 elbow 22 5
hdpe dn 300 elbow angles
hdpe garment elbow
hdpe spigot elbow
two size 90 degree hdpe elbow
hdpe spigot closed elbow 280 mm 90 degree

HDPE Elbow Price

HDPE Elbow prices vary according to size and type. You can find out the price of the part you need through the sales representative. You can get information by filling out the relevant form in the Contact section and by calling the contact numbers.

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