HDPE100+ Plastic Pipes Hydraulic Butt Welding Machines

Elbor Makine, Ø40-Ø2000 Welding Machines manufactured by Weltech; It is designed to ensure the easiest and safe use in all kinds of terrain conditions and in the most difficult conditions according to international standarts.

Intend Of Use

Butt Welding Machines connect PE, PP; PVDF plastic pipes with diameters from Dmin 40 to Dmax 2000 in proportion to machine sizes and their attachments through butt welding using a heating system.

Area Of Use

Butt Welding machines can be used in all areas where liquids are transferred such as clean water, waste water, sea discharge etc. through plastic pipes made of PE, PP; PVDF.

Method Of Operation

Butt Welding machines operate on a hydraulic system. Power type required to operate the machine is 380V (triphase) however for certain machine sizes 220V (Monophase) can also be supplied based on user preference.

Butt Welding Machines

Butt welding machines and CNC Butt welding machines are highly efficient and Butt welding machines are manufactured with the latest technology. We can get yield in the most difficult terrain conditions. Elborweltech offers the best service with professional staff.  We can combine PE, PP, PVDF plastic pipes and fittings with by using Butt Welding machine. Clean water, waste water, sea discharge etc. It can be used in all areas where liquid transfer is done. Butt welding machines work with hydraulic system. The electrical type is 380V (three- phase). 220V (single- phase) production can be done in some machine sizes.

What is a butt welding machine and how does it work

A butt welding machine is an innovative tool used to weld two pieces of metal together using the method of butt joint welding. Similar to gas or arc welding, thermal energy is used to melt and fuse the metal parts together. This kind of weld is incredibly strong because it creates a deep pool of molten metal that rapidly cools, forming a solid and dependable bond.

Butt welding machines are lightweight and easy to operate, making them great for use in custom fabrication shops, manufacturing plants, auto repair garages, and more. They can be adapted to suit all kinds of different industrial applications which ensure they remain a go-to option for many users.

The benefits of using a butt welding machine

For those in need of a reliable, efficient welding machine, there are many advantages to using a butt welding machine. Butt welding machines are perfect for joining pieces that require precision because they create ultrasonic welds with speed and accuracy while producing very little heat. This helps protect the integrity of the materials being joined, ensuring that no unwanted warping takes place.

Additionally, butt welding machines allow welders to join lightly-coated metals with ease, making them ideal for those needing to join bigger projects like pipelines and boats. Thanks to their portability and easy setup, butt welding machines offer an intuitive workflow for operators big or small.

How to use a butt welding machine

Using a butt welding machine is relatively easy and straightforward, especially with the introduction of computer-based models. This powerful welding equipment is specially designed to easily fuse together two pieces of metal that fit into the machine – typically at right angles – and that can be used to create strong bonds in many different applications and types of material.

To use the welding machine safely, remember to read through the user manual before starting, wear protective gear while operating it, keep your workspace organized and clear, and ensure that all settings are adjusted correctly for the type of metal being worked on. With these points in mind and following any safety protocols specified by local laws or regulations, you’ll be able to master using a butt welding machine quickly and efficiently!

Tips for getting the most out of your butt welding machine

To ensure you get the most out of a butt welding machine, there are a few important tips and tricks to keep in mind. First, make sure that you calibrate your machine for the material you are using by adjusting both pressure and temperature levels. By ensuring your machine is calibrated correctly, it will not only weld the material accurately but also improve its longevity.

Additionally, take the time to properly clean and maintain your equipment on a regular basis. This will help extend the life of the machine and keep it running optimally so that it can be used for projects over long periods of time.

Finally, replacing components as they age or wear down is paramount to keeping your butt welding machine functional; investing in appropriate spare parts should not be neglected. Ultimately, these simple tips will help optimize any butt welding machines performance and extend its lifespan.

Electrofusion Welding Machines

We connects the ends of the welding machine to the sockets on the fusion insert, heated by electric current In this way, the Hdpe pipe with electrofusion fittings becomes joined. In this method, the source fusion is done with heating elements inside the insert thanks to Electrofusion welding machines.

HDPE Data Logger

Data Logger has many benefits. Pipe diameter, thickness, SDR, Contract No, coordinate, Welder name, machine no, air condition, material, Some actions are made by entering the data requested the data of the standard such as protection status and report parameters are taken.

These parameters are; pt (bar) execution pressure, TP1 (bar) total welding pressure 1 (p1 + execution pressure), TP2 (bar) total pressure 1 (p2 + execution pressure), TP5 (bar) total pressure 1 (p5 + execution pressure), B. Height (mm) lip height, t2 (sec) temperature waiting time, t3 (sec) maximum changing time, t4 (sec) pressure increase time t5 (min) cooling time, Amb.T (C) ambient temperature, Plate T (C) The parameters of the heater plate are temperature.