Polyethylene Pipe

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Polyethylene pipe is a more durable and stronger pipe type than other pipe raw materials. Polyethylene pipe, which is produced by combining raw materials of different densities, has a strong structure resistant to high pressure. Due to their high pressure resistant production, the rate of being affected by an impact from external forces is very low. Pipe produced from petroleum products is generally used in infrastructure areas. Polyethylene pipe, which is more durable and high pressure than other pipe types, will increase its mechanical value equally as the density of the materials increases. PE, which has a high elasticity rate, therefore provides convenience in installation. It is not possible to be affected by any external force. They are resistant to chemical substances. The color of PE pipes is blue and black. PE 100 pipes do not change the taste and smell of water.

PE 100 pipes are used in many areas due to their resistance and strength. They are not affected by underground movements and are sensitive to chemical substances. It is resistant to friction and wear. They do not crack in a possible high pressure situation. They provide convenience in assembly due to the advantage of being easy to stretch. It is a highly guaranteed type of pipe in terms of health, as it does not carry any risk of chemical contamination into the water.

Polyethylene Pipe Properties

  • High pressure resistant pipes are preferred in many infrastructure areas.
  • Polyethylene pipes have high elasticity properties.
  • They are very resistant to chemical substances.
  • They have very strong structures thanks to the raw materials they are produced from.
  • Thanks to their very strong structure, breaking, cracking, etc. against danger from any external force. does not. Therefore, it is often preferred in infrastructure areas.
  • The pipes used in the transportation of groundwater are highly guaranteed in terms of health as they do not have the risk of chemical leakage.
  • They provide convenience in assembly due to the advantage of being easy to stretch.
  • They are not affected by possible underground movements.

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Usage areas

  • Transport of water from underground
  • Transport of drinking water to the ground
  • Agricultural irrigation systems
  • In pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Waste water systems
  • Submarine crossing lines
  • food industry

Polyethylene Pipe Price

It varies according to the size and properties of the polyethylene pipe. You can request information for the device you need by consulting the sales manager or by filling out the form on the contact page.

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