PP Electrofusion Coupler

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pp electrofusion coupler

PP Electrofusion coupler is used as an additional part by bringing together pipe parts from liquid and gas underground lines. It reveals an active boiling process due to the copper wires inside. As the raw material in its production, PE 100 material has added value compared to its competitors against its extreme resistance against long-lasting corrosion. Since PE100 and HDPE do not distort their elastic shape even at -40 degrees, they are used more especially in cold climates.

It is an attachment that is produced by the combination of polyethene or raw materials, and according to the diameter of the pipe produced by turning or injection technique, copper, brass, nickel alloy wires are wrapped. This determines the endurance strength of the wire sleeves that are wrapped in them, and the welding time, welding voltage and cooling time are determined by considering the melting temperature of the polyethene.

The duration of the welding voltage can be provided differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. The manufacturer creates these standards with 24 characters and sticks them on this attachment with a barcode, and these standards are created by obtaining positive results from the necessary tests in the rooms of the production providers with air conditioning and conditions.

HDPE pipelines electrofusion coupling application booklet manufacturers specified in the catalogues. According to DVS 2207-1 or according to different welding standards. By using electrofusion welding machines, the welding process of the sleeve and electrofusion elbow and other additional parts are completed.


Electrofusion makes the conductive wires heat by giving an electric current. In this way, the required area is melted by heating the material to its melting temperature. When the melted material cannot find an area to flow, it expands and creates the pressure force required for welding between the 2 regions. By this way the pressure and temperature parameters required for welding are provided.

Electrofusion Machines

electrofusion machine

After some preparation, the operator will be guided through the procedure by the Electrofusion Welder. The welding heat and time are affected by the type and size of the fitting. The careful placement of the energizing wire coils in each fitting allows for constant melting for a strong bond while minimizing and cooling time.

According to the local and national laws, the operatör must be qualified. Electrofusion welding teaching emphasizes the importance of accurately fusing EF fittings.

Operators get the skills they need in the field by using both manual and automatic techniques for determining electrofusion time. There’s a lot to learn about preparation, timing, pressure, temperature, cool down time, and handling, among other things.

Training and certification are extremely important in this welding field, as the product might become dangerous under certain situations. There have been occasions of major damage and death when hot polyethylene shoots out of the edge of a misdirected weld, causing skin burns.

Another instance occured when a tapping saddle on a gas line was placed incorrectly, resulting in the death of two welders in the trench as a result of gas inhalation. A number of critical parts in electrofusion welding can cause weld failures, the bulk of which can be significantly reduced by using welding clamps and correct scraping equipment.

HDPE Electrofusion Coupler

The joining process is done using HDPE electrofusion sleeve electrofusion welding machine produced according to PrEN 12201-3. The most important point in sleeve production is to place the wires with determining electrical conductivity. The coupler must be done precisely by highly high-tech machines.

Dimensions and Weight of a PP Electrofusion Coupler

We manufacture pp electrofusion couplers in a variety of sizes at our company. As a result, these various dimensions present our consumers with a long range of options from which to choose.

In addition, we produce different sized pp electrofuison couplers with different weights. A pp electrofusion coupler’s weight depends on the size of it. If you decide to choose a bigger size pp electrofusion coupler to buy, your coupler’s weight will be parallel to the size of it. Even so, the pp electrofusion coupler is quite big, but the coupler is still easy to carry. Because HDPE is a special substance which is light. Therefore, the pp electrofusion coupler will always be easier to carry, lighter and safer.

You may use our internet site or connect with us from our other contract addresses to get more information.

How Much Does a PP Electrofusion Coupler Cost?

When you need to purchase a pp electrofusion coupler, you must also consider the cost. However, this does not mean that cheaper products are the best option. A product’s quality must always take priority above its price. Our company prides itself on providing high-quality products at a reasonable price, and we take pride in making our customers satisfied with both pricing and product quality.

You may use our internet site or connect with us from our other contract addresses to get more information.

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