Data Recorder For HDPE Pipe Butt Welding Machine

Data Logger For Hdpe Pipe Butt Welding Machine

Elbor DL-W Data Logger

Machine is for record of weldings of PE – PP – PVDF pipes and fittings up to 32 Bar .Welding sizes are 40-2000

With the shortest setup time it provides simple and fast welding record operations according to international standards DVS 2207-1,DVS 2207-11,ISO 21307

With it’s lightweight nature provides easy handling

Maximum working pressure is 250 Bar

Data Logger for PE Pipe Butt Welding Machine

Elbor Data Logger can create hdpe welding reports for every single welding joint.
Weltech CNC Butt welding machines can prepare hdpe butt welding reports.
Hdpe butt welding data recorder creates detailed hdpe butt welding test reports.

Automatic data logging4,000 reports
Data inputManually with a 7” HMI touch screen
Monitoring ParametersWelding pressures, welding times, memory control, heating element temperature
ISO 12176 traceabilityCommission number, welder ID code, fitting code, 1st and 2nd pipe codes, pipe length, weather conditions, joint number, installing company
Welding standardDVS 2207-1, DVS 2207-11, ISO 21307
Data outputUSB port for data transfer
DisplayHMI 7” touch monitor
ApprovalsCE, ISO 9001
LanguagesEnglish, Turkish, Russian, Hungaria
Battery power(optional)
SettingsManual welding parameter input, selectable pressure transducers 100 bar or 250
bar, selectable temperature sensors PT100, K & …
Technical SpecificationsInput voltage 200-250 V; Input frequency 40 Hz – 60 Hz; Weight of unit approx.
8,7 kg, Dimensions (W x H x D) 350 x 450 x 200 mm
Warranty12 months

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