Butt Welding Machines for HDPE Pipe and Fittings

MHW250 Plastic Pipes Manual Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine

  • Machine is for weldings of PE – PP – PVDF pipes and fittings up to 32 Bar .Welding sizes are 63 – 75 – 90 – 110 – 125 – 140 – 160 – 180 – 200 – 225 – 250mm
  • With the shortest setup time it provides simple and fast welding operations according to international standards ISO 12176 – 1
  • With it’s lightweight nature provides easy handling
  • Maximum working pressure is 150 Bar
  • The working environmental temperature is -10 C° ~+40 C°
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MHW250 Butt Welding Machine Main Body

The main body supports and centres the plastic pipes with two fixed and two movable clamps.

Using the hydraulic pressure on the system, the two pistons on the carrying metal bars move the clamps for and backwards and supply the necessary movement for the welding process.

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MHW250 Butt Welding Machine Trimmer

The trimmer is the tool which cleans and smoothes the both ends of the pipes before the heating process with its blades on both sides.

MHW250 Butt Welding Machine trimmer unit ensures clean and parallel pipe faces.

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MHW250 Butt Welding Machine Heater

The pipe ends will be heated by this heater before the welding process.

The settings of the heater will be done by the thermostat on the control unit.

MHW250 Butt welding machine PTFE- coated heating element ensures uniform surface temperature

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MHW250 Butt Welding Machine Control Unit

The necessary electric will be transfered to the heater and trimmer by means of this unit and to the main machine by the hydraulic pressure.

It will be controlled by the manual buttons. On the manual control panel there are four buttons and a key.

The clamps are controlled by the buttons and the trimmer by the key.

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MHW250 Butt Welding Machine Housing Box

Housing and support box prevents the heat loss of the heater and protects the trimmer from the exterior effects in a manner supporting the heater (against impacts, water, etc.)

Teknik Özellikler / Technical Specifications
Kaynak Çapı / Welding Range Ø 63 mm – Ø 250 mm
(Ø63 mm, Ø75 mm, Ø90 mm, Ø110 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø140 mm, Ø160 mm, Ø180 mm, Ø200 mm, Ø225 mm, Ø250 mm)
Malzeme Cinsi / Pipe Types to Weld PE – PP – PVDF
Boru Max. Basınç / Pipe Max. Pressure PN32
Isıtıcı Elektrik Gücü / Heater Electric Power 220 V – 2,8 kW
Traşlayıcı Elektrik Gücü / Trimmer Electric Power 220 V – 0,75 kW
Hidrolik Gücü / Power of Hydraulic Unit 220 V – 0,55 kW
Elektrik Sistemi / Electric System Monofaze
Toplam Elektrik Sarfiyatı / Total Electricity Consumption 4,1 kW
Çalışma Basıncı / Operating Pressure 150 Bar
Gerekli Olan Jeneratör Gücü / Required Generator Power 6 kVA
Çalışma Sıcaklığı / Working Temperature (-40 C° ~ + 40 C°)
Hidrolik Yağı / Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic 46 / 4 lt
İçindekiler / Content
Kullanma Klavuzu / User Manual 1 ad/ pcs
Ana Gövde / Main Body 1 ad/ pcs
Traşlyaıcı / Trimmer 1 ad/ pcs
Isıtıcı / Heater 1 ad/ pcs
Muhafaza ve Destek Kutusu / Protective Casing 1 ad/ pcs
Pafta / Stuffer 80 ad/ pcs
Takım Çantası / Tool Bag 1 ad / pcs
Paketeleme Detayları / Packaging Details
Ambalajın Cinsi / Type of Package Tahta Sandık / Wooden Case
Kap Adedi / Number of Packages 1 paket / pack
Ebatlar / Dimensions 1,298 x 0,948 x 0,898
Toplam Hacim / Total Volume 1,07 m3
Toplam Net Ağırlık / Total Net Weight 224 kg
Toplam Brüt Ağırlık / Total Gross Weight 272 kg

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