What are CNC Butt Welding Machines?

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CNC Butt Welding Machines

CNC butt welding machines working with hydraulic system are welding machines that are used to join two pipes or fittings. It combines two pipes or fittings with the help of heat and pressure without the need for diameter adjustment. The electricity required for the operation of the machine is determined as 380V. However, this temperature value changes according to the pipe dimensions. It is preferred as HDPE pipe joint machine. HDPE pipe welding times are much shorter and provide a solid connection.

Offering economical welding opportunities to companies, machines provide welding in accordance with the characteristics of the pipe type without damaging the pipes. The product range is diverse for the purpose. Each welding machine consists of five basic parts. It is highly preferred as it provides ease of use with its light structure. It is especially used for joining pipes and fittings obtained from poly raw material.

Types of CNC Butt Welding Machines

The dimensions of these machines, which are highly preferred as HDPE fusion machines, vary between W160 (d.40-160) and W2800 (d.1800-2800). It offers a wide range of options between CNC W 160 Plastic Pipe Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine and CNC W2800 plastic pipe hydraulic butt welding machine. Hydraulic power at this rate is from 220 V – 0.55 kW to 380 V – 4 kW.

CNC Butt Welding Machines Parts

CNC butt welding machines consist of five parts. These parts include the machine body, machine shavers, machine heater, machine control unit and machine enclosure box. In the HDPE fusion process, pre-welding controls should be made for the CNC butt welding machine parts to work completely and smoothly.

Machine body: There are two movable clamps and two fixed clamps on this part. It provides the fixing of the plastic pipe fusion welding machine. Hydraulic pressure force is applied to the system.

Machine trimmer: There are two rotating blades on this part. The cutting blades on the rotating blades clean the forehead of the fixed pipes. The movement of the trimmer is carried out by the motor and the reducer.

Machine Heater: With the help of this part, after the trimming process of the pipes is completed, heat is given to the pipes with the heating plate. Temperature adjustment is made with the digital temperature adjustment thermostat located on the plate.

Machine control unit: This part; It transmits the electricity required for the operation of the machine to the machine heater part and the hydraulic pressure to the main machine. It is operated with four buttons and a key on the hand control. The buttons move the grippers back and forth while the key is operating the trimmer.
Machine housing Box: This part helps prevent heat loss from the heater. It protects the machine against impacts and ensures safe storage of the machine.

CNC Butt Welding Machines Working Method

Easily portable CNC butt welding machines vary according to the electricity consumption, pressure value and generator needs according to the machine types. Offering serial reporting, the machines comply with international standards with DVS 2207-1, DVS2207-11, ISO 21307 values. The bar level of the machines that can operate at -10 C ° ~ + 40 C ° ambient temperature is determined as 250.

HDPE pipe joint machine offers automatic welding. The machine is controlled by an operator. CNC welding operator selects pipe diameter and pressure value with the help of digital display. After this stage, the whole welding process is completed automatically by the machine. Its most important feature is that it provides a detailed welding report after welding.

Although the electricity requirement of the machine to operate is generally 380 V, it varies according to the dimensions of the machine required for the HDPE fusion process. There are different designs of HDPE welding equipment according to the usage area of CNC Butt Welding Machine.

CNC Butt Welding Machines Usage Areas

HDPE pipe fusion welding CNC Butt Welding Machines are available in every area where fluids are transferred among their usage areas. Pipes using PE, PP, PVDF materials are used in the transfer of fluids. These pipes are resistant to moisture and water. Thanks to their chemical structure, they preserve the fluids in them. Flow is completed safely and smoothly.

CNC Butt Welding Machines Prices

The prices of the machines vary according to the resource sizes. In the variety of termofusion HDPE products, the prices are determined by the manufacturers as equivalent to the product quality and the benefit it provides. Thanks to their easy-to-use machines and robust structures, the purchased machines create an opportunity for economical saving.

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