What is Electrofusion Cuff?

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Electrofusion welding machines

Electrofusion coupling is used as an additional piece by bringing together pipe parts from liquid and gas underground lines. It actively exhibits a boiling process originating from the copper wires in it. As the raw material used in its production, PE 100 material has added value compared to its competitors against its extreme resistance against long-lasting corrosion. Since PE100 and HDPE do not deform their elastic shape even at -40 degrees, they are used more especially in cold climates.

It is an additional piece in which copper, brass, nickel alloyed wires are wrapped according to its more general dimensions than the diameter of the pipe, which is produced by the combination of polyethylene or raw materials and produced by turning or injection technique. These wires determine the strength of the sleeves and the welding time, welding voltage and cooling time are determined by considering the melting temperature of the polyethylene.

The duration of the welding voltage may be provided differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. The manufacturer forms these standards with 24 characters and sticks them on this additional piece with a barcode, and these standards are created by obtaining positive results from the necessary tests in the air-conditioning and conditions of the producers and their rooms.

How to Weld?

Our first step is to scrape the thin layer on the pipe with the scraper and wipe the top with a tissue or solvent material. The midlines of the sleeve are marked on the tube. The sleeve is attached equally from both sides, and then the ends of the weld are connected. The barcode on the fitting is read and welding is started. After this stage, the fitting and pipe in the weld should be kept unmoved during cooling.

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