What is Electrofusion Fittings?

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Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion fittings are used in the connection of HDPE pipes and other plastic pipes carrying liquids. Fittings are available in various sizes. Pipes are easily assembled with fittings. The direction of the pipes can be changed or their ends can be closed. It is mounted together with the help of electrofusion welding machine.

Today, the most reliable method for joining plastic pipes is electrofusion welding. Among the electrofusion fittings; there are EF 90 ͦ, EF CAP, EF COUPLER HDPE 100+, EF ELBOW 90 ͦ, EF REDUCED TEE 90 ͦ, EF REDUCER, EF SERVICE TE 360 ͦ, EF TAPPING TEE 360 and EF SADDLE HDPE 100+. Thanks to these fittings, gas and water can be transferred safely.

Electrofusion Equipment

Some equipment is required for welding by electrofusion method. These equipments should be prepared before welding. In this way, the welding process will not be interrupted. Electrofusion welding equipment includes a scraping tool, measuring instrument, mark pen, cutting tool, electrofusion welding machine and clamps.

The welding scraper tool, which is among the equipment, is used to remove oil and dirt formed in the pipes. The measuring instrument helps to measure the pipes accurately. The marker pen determines the joints of the pipes. It is ensured that the pipe mouths are cut properly with the cutting tool. Electrofusion machine is the most basic equipment of the whole welding process. It works with computer support. Clamps prevent stress between pipes during welding.

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Electrofusion Process

Electrofusion pipe fittings are used to join HDPE pipes. Two pipes of the same diameter are combined with fittings to carry the liquid. The mouths of the pipes to be joined must be smooth before welding. If the pipe end is not straight, it should be cut. Before welding, it is necessary to make sure that the equipment is reliable and of high quality.

Electrofusion welding can be done easily and in a short time. Firstly, pipes are cleaned. Joints are made by applying tension to the pipes. After the process is completed, the pipes are left to cool. A short training is sufficient for the person who will perform the electrofusion assembly.

Electrofusion fittings fully meet the needs of leading companies. It is easy to apply and has a high welding speed. This method does not restrict the HDPE pipe coupler. The affordable electrofusion welding machine provides an advantage thanks to its lightness.

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Electrofusion Welding Machine

Electrofusion Welding EF Machines for HDPE pipe
Electrofusion Welding EF Machines

A generator is needed to operate the electrofusion welding machine. It must be full of fuel to run the generator. After the welding machine is connected to the generator, it is connected to the electrofusion fittings. Voltage is supplied and welding is done. The correct heating time can be found in the barcodes of the fittings. Barcodes should be taken into account when applying heat. Safe welding can be done in this way. After the heating of the fittings is completed, the electrofusion machine cables are removed.

HDPE Pipes and Electrofusion

HDPE pipes, whose raw material is plastic, is the most preferred type of pipe in gas and water transportation. It has a high molecular weight and is resistant to impacts. Therefore, it is impossible for the fluids passing through it to be damaged. HDPE pipes can be transported anywhere at an affordable price and easily. HDPE electrofusion fitting help extend or change the direction of pipes. Pipes are combined with electrofusion fittings.

Electrofusion Gas Fittings

Today, electrofusion fittings are used to ensure reliable gas flow. Electrofusion gas fittings eliminate the risk of leakage. Gas flow can be achieved with electrofusion fittings at various angles even on uneven floors.

Gas used in many different areas has an important place in our lives. The use of gas is increasing and widespread day by day. It is very important to safely transport the gas, which is widely used in the individual or industry field. For this, the pipes and fittings must be reliable and of high quality.

Electrofusion Water Fittings

Industries prefer flexible and light pipes for water transport. HDPE pipes with these features can be used in many areas. HDPE pipes are resistant to high pressure. They are not affected by water and moisture. Therefore, they can easily preserve the water that passes through the pipe. They can be easily combined with electrofusion fittings. Since the electrofusion fittings are adjustable, water transfer is provided easily.

Electrofusion Fittings Prices

The prices of electrofusion fittings used in joining HDPE pipes vary. Fittings are shaped according to the floors where the pipes are located. There are many companies that produce fittings. When choosing a company, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product produced by the company. It is possible to work with a reliable company without any problems. Quality and long-lasting fittings are economical.

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