What is HDPE Fittings?

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HDPE Fittings

Tools that help to connect HDPE pipes that carry fluids such as water and gas are called HDPE fittings. HDPE pipes, which are used in many different areas, are among the first choice of leading companies in gas and water transfer. It is a matter of needing HDPE fittings to expand the preferred pipes over time or to have several different outlets. The fittings increase the strength of the pipes and provide long life. Easily installed fittings help save money.


What is HDPE Pipe?

HDPE consists of the initials of high density polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer produced from monomer ethylene. It is the type of pipe used safely in liquid and gas transfer. The raw material of HDPE is petroleum-derived plastic. The reasons why HDPE pipes are preferred too much; they are resistant to high pressure, flexible and light.
HDPE pipes can be used in many different areas. It has an extensive usage from agricultural irrigation water systems to drinking water, from waste water to sea discharge systems, from fire installations to fish farms.

HDPE pipes preserve the fluids passing through them thanks to their chemical properties. While these pipes carry fluids, they provide confidence with the help of HDPE fittings. Easy installation and cheap transportation are important in choosing HDPE pipes. The HDPE market has a growing market share.

HDPE Fittings Advantages

There are many reasons why the HDPE market is constantly growing. These reasons include the following:

  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Preserving the properties of fluids
  • Plexibility
  • Easy assembly technique
  • Easy transport
  • Opportune transport
  • High resistance to pressure

The molecular weight of HDPE pipe type is very high. Therefore, it prevents abrasion and destruction. It resists chemical solvents. It is not adversely affected by moisture and water. Reliable water and gas transfer is provided by HDPE fittings.

Types of HDPE Fittings

It may be necessary to rearrange the pipes that carry the fluids according to the needs. Perhaps the pipes may have to become longer, or it may be necessary to exits to more than one area. At this point, it is necessary to use HDPE fittings. The purpose is easily achieved thanks to the equipment used.
Among HDPE fittings with many different types, the most needed parts are listed below.

  • EF CAP

In addition to the HDPE fittings specified, it is possible to produce parts of different diameters and sizes, optionally.

Electrofusion Process

HDPE fittings used in joining HDPE pipes are assembled by electrofusion method. Electrofusion method is a method that fully meets the needs of gas and water distribution companies. With this type of welding, two pipes are linked to each other. Two pipes of the same diameter are attached to each other in the electrofusion process. Electrofusion welding is a reliable and easy-to-handle mounting method.

The electrofusion method, which gives confidence to the sectors, generally does not require control after the assembly process is completed. Welding speed is high. It does not constrict in the treated pipes.

HDPE Fittings Usage Areas

HDPE pipes and fittings, which offer high quality and reliable solutions to their customers thanks to their growing market share, have many uses. It is used safely in different areas according to their shapes. HDPE Fittings usage areas include; there are areas such as mining, fire systems, subway water supplies, plumbing, gas, drinking water, building, hydraulics, construction, engineering, telecommunications and petroleum refineries. The main reasons why these areas prefer HDPE Fittings is that they are safe and impermeable.

Durable Property

As HDPE has high density as a material, it gives confidence to its buyer and guarantees high durability. HDPE has a high molecular value due to its structure, which makes it preferable. With its durable and flexible structure, it provides ease of use even on rough terrain. It does not leak and is free from danger.

HDPE fittings, which play a vital role in assembling pipes with electrofusion assembly method, also offer the opportunity to be used in the parts they are attached to. HDPE fittings produced in various shapes can be selected according to the shape of the floor to be used. Thanks to its chemical feature, it shows high resistance to impacts and pulls. HDPE fittings are also known for their resistance to high pressure.

Easy Set-up and Savings

HDPE is protected against bacteria and fungi thanks to its chemical structure. It is free from the danger of rusting and does not leak. Fittings are easy to install and require no control. All these advantages make fittings made of HDPE more reliable than others. They are the most preferred fittings today.

HDPE pipes can be easily transported thanks to their lightness. It can be shipped at an affordable price. Thanks to HDPE fittings, it can be easily installed in every field.

HDPE Raw Material

HDPE’s raw material is polyethylene material obtained from petroleum. 1 kg HDPE raw material is obtained from 1.75 kg petroleum. This shows that HDPE prices are directly proportional to petroleum prices. Although it looks like LDPE, it has many different features. Its resistance to impacts and pulls makes it different from LDPE. It is resistant to water and chemicals. HDPE forms the raw material of many different products. These are products such as cereal boxes, shopping cards and grocery bags.

Differences Between HDPE and LDPE

LDPE is ‘short for low density polyethylene’. LDPE has a lower density than HDPE. HDPE is more durable and stronger than LDPE. LDPE is more likely to crack. HDPE is long-lasting and durable. Especially HDPE fittings increase the strength of HDPE pipes.

Selecting Company

There are considerations when purchasing HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings that carry gas and water. It is necessary to be sure of the reputation of the company from which HDPE products will be purchased. The relationship of the company with other pioneers in the industry should be looked at. Before making the purchase, the floor where the additional parts will be placed should be checked by the company officials and the most suitable part should be decided.

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