Weldcode Weld Logs Mobile Application

Weld Logs
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All weld logs in your Weldcode apps.

After downloading Welcode apps to your phone, you don’t need to carry weld logs with you.

Weldcode Butt Welding Machines easily calculate weld logs and present all necessary technical information to the user in a simple way.

It delivers the user to the find weld logs and all other information by selecting the boxes in the form of question and answer.

It makes the Butt Welding process step by step together with the user perfectly in accordance with the desired standard.

The only thing for the user is to download Weldcode to his phone and enjoy the perfect Butt Welding process.

Language Choice: Turkish, English, Russia
Machine Model: Choose your machine type from the list or enter total cylinder area in cm2 if you are using another brand machine.
Welding Standard: Choose the welding standard from the list.
Pipe Diameter: Choose the pipe diameter from the list.
Pressure Class: Choose the SDR value from the list.
Pipe Material: Choose the pipe material class from the list.
Report: Click on ‘Report’ to display all welding information and parameters.
Timer: With a click on ‘Timer’ weld code will guide you through the welding process.
Drag Pressure: Enter the drag pressure you see on the pressure gauge while machine is moving forwards.
User Manual: Click on ‘PDF’ to download the user manual
Info: Click on info to download all machine technical specifications.