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HDPE100+ Polyethylene Gas and Water Fittings

Our company provides the raw material used in production from member companies.

HDPE100+ Gas and Water Fittings

Polyethylene Thermoplastics are open to use in many areas of industry. Polyethylene is abbreviated PE. There are 32 variations of PE 100, PE 80, PE 60, PE. PE 100 is used in water and natural gas fields. This means that the polyethylenine is Söz thermoformable ile in Latin. It is called HDPE100+ (low pressure polyethylene).

Elbor Weltech produces high-quality, easy-to-use products with the latest technology. We offer the models with favorable price advantages ” Injection Fittings”, “Electrofusion Fittings”, “Fabricated Fittings” and HDPE100+ Metal Transitions. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the wishes and needs of customers. We have established a Quality Control Laboratory as required by international standards. We have ISO 9001 Quality Management, TSE, Gost, Quality Conformity Certificate and CE certificates. We continue on the road with strong brand reputation.

Polyethylene Gas and Water Fittings

Polyethylene plastic pipes are extremely successful. Polyethylene plastic pipes were first used successfully in drinking water. It has been developed over time and to be used in systems without high pressure. In addition to the polyethylene plastic pipes we produce, fittings with polyethylene fittings, HDPE100+, HDPE100+ ef elbow fittings, flange adapter, electrofusion hdpe fittings, hdpe pipe and flange adapter. We also produce modern fittings using the latest technology. They are highly resistant to impact and crack propagation. HDPE100+ pipe also has not assembly errors. The combining method is durable.

HDPE100+ pipe is better than because of such advantages; alternative pipe options such as concrete, steel, PVC. The main reason of this feature is the high intensive polyethylene active ingredient. Nowadays, it is mostly used for HDPE100+ pipe group. It has a long life and prevents future material damage. It has a service life of 100 years depending on the project conditions. HDPE100+ pipe type is quite flexible and It has very hard structure.