Cnc Butt Welding Machine

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Cnc Butt Welding Machine

CNC Butt Welding Machine, depending on the dimensions of the machine,  performs the joining process of different plastic pipes and fittings using the butt welding method. There are different pieces of material on this subject.

These parts include PP, PVDF options. It uses the heating system as the working principle when performing the joining process. This system, which constitutes a healthy structure, provides the joining process of plastic pipes with additional parts under Dmin40 and Dmax2000 diameter.

Cnc Butt Welding Machine Usage Areas

PE, PP, PVDF material in the structure of the plastic pipes and other parts of the butt welding machine is used in different areas. Under a wide range of wastewater, clean water and sea discharges in many places such as an effective combination.

Thanks to the technological structure offered, long-lasting products are produced. It is generally evaluated reliably in many areas where the fluid transfer is performed. Its special design and convenient structure allow the product to deliver high performance. In particular, the use of the heating system allows the longevity of the combined part to be evaluated without any problem with the liquid contact.

Cnc Butt Welding Machine Working Method

Cnc butt welding machine, which is produced under a high technology with special design, has the principle of working on the logic of the hydraulic system. In general, the electrical type required for the operation of the machine is 380 V. However, this situation varies depending on the size of the machine. As a matter of fact, there are different product designs according to the usage area and structure.

In this context, it is possible to evaluate the product sizes along with the 220V which is dependent on the user request. In general, however, it offers a very satisfactory working effect in terms of common performance.

Cnc Butt Welding Machine To Be Used Safe And Long Life

Butt welding machine, which provides high-quality usage with its technological equipment structure. It is evaluated safely in many areas where the liquid transfer is performed. Depending on the heating system, working under a special principle, the quality of the structure is long-lasting. It provides the possibility of joining to form a structure resistant to different weather conditions and other external factors.

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