What is HDPE100+?

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What is HDPE100+?

HDPE100+ comes from the abbreviation “High-Density  ”. The HDPE obtained from petroleum is known as a high-density polyethylene material. Although it is stronger, solid, and heavier than LDPE, it has a much tougher structure, especially against other polyethylene welding options. In general, the manufacturing sector is mentioned in the industry as such. I have to say that Sudan has a much lighter structure.

Two different methods can be produced. One of them is the extrusion method and the other is the casting technology. It can be combined using source options under the special structure. It also allows machine tools to be machined. However, it is not possible to combine it with adhesive.

HDPE100+ With Durable Design

Hdpe inserts offer special durability against any kind of impact. Therefore, special production is carried out in the scope of intensive polyethylene production. It has great resistance against chemicals and water. On the other hand, although it is not resistant to light and light; With special additives such as carbon black, its resistance can be increased.
This provides a longer-lasting structure and strong durability against outdoor conditions. On the other hand, its mechanical properties are of high quality. As a matter of fact, it provides special strength against tensile and different impacts. It can be improved by using a number of fillers.

HDPE100+ Offering Use in Different Areas

With a wide range of applications, HDPE provides durable design as well as long-term evaluation.
– Gas distribution pipes
– Pressure pipe types
– Canister, bottle, and barrel
– White goods
– Electrical and electronic goods
– Various machine parts connected to the industry
– Toys
– Insulator
The area of ​​use continues to expand every year by evaluating such areas. Due to the fact that it is a water resistant structure, it has started to be used in boat and warehouse construction.

HDPE100+ Fittings Can Be Used Safely

While providing a long-lasting structure, HDPE fittings that provide a very strong strength are prepared under special design. Its wide area of ​​usage is increasing every time. In addition to its durability, its light structure is one of the most important factors in its preference.

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