Butt Melting Welding

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Butt Fusion Welding

Butt fusion welding is the process of joining the pipes face to face with each other by applying high heat and pressure to pipes of the same diameter and thickness. In this connection method, the temperature and pressure applied to the pipes are very important. It is tried to adjust the temperature that will not disturb the chemical structure of the substance. This temperature should be between 200-220 °C. After the heat treatment, the mouth parts of the pipes exposed to heat at these intervals, which will be connected with each other, are shaved properly and joined with a high pressure. Pipe melted at high temperature will have thinner wall, while pipe melted at low temperature will have large wall thickness. You can adjust the temperature according to the pipe thickness you prefer.

An important point in butt fusion welding is that the surface of the heater resistor must be clean before welding and the surfaces to be welded must be smooth. If such situations are taken into consideration, a healthier operation will be performed.


Butt Welding Procedure

Butt melting welding is the process of joining pipes made of the same raw material by melting them. There are important details that we need to pay attention to while performing this process. The most important detail is that the pipes that will be combined with each other are formed from the same raw material. Afterwards, these pipes are cleaned and approached to the source with each other and the melting process is carried out according to the desired temperature. After the melting process takes place, the heater is removed and the joining process begins. After the joining process is completed, the cooling phase is started and the forehead melting process is completed. All of these are included in the butt welding procedure. These are respectively;

Pressureless heating
Removing the heater
Butt Melt Resource Price
Butt Melting Source varies according to the size and features of the device. You can request information for the device you need by consulting the sales manager or by filling out the form on the contact page.

Butt Melting Welding

Butt Melting Welding Properties
Special butt melting welding is available for pipes of different sizes.

Manual and automatic use is available.

Thanks to the raw materials from which it is produced, its durability and lifespan is high.

The pipes have heat settings that will not spoil their raw material.

After the butt melting process is finished, the source automatically signals and stops the process.

There are heat settings according to the temperature you want. It gives products in the thickness you want at high and low temperatures.

Butt Melting Welding Usage Areas
There is a process of melting the resistant pipes used in infrastructure systems before they are added to each other. Butt melting welding is also used for melting pipes formed by the combination of different raw materials.

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