Polyethylene Fittings

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Polyethylene fittings, which provide a special use in different areas, offer effective strength under special material structure. Although these additional parts were used in drinking water at first, they spread over a much wider area over time.

Thanks to its advanced technology, it is safely evaluated at points where high pressure is not applied. These products, which are resistant to all kinds of impacts and have a very light structure, are also resistant to heat and water. In this way, the fittings have a much wider area of ​​use in the part that needs to be joined today.


Special Design Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

Polyethylene pipe fittings, which are produced with high quality materials, are prepared under special design. As a matter of fact, it must be durable and offer a long-lasting structure in terms of use. Thus, it provides an important resistance against different effects in every area. Different parts based on different designs are prepared safely on the special production line.

  • Injection fittings
  • Electrofusion fitting
  • Garment attachments
  • Special design PE metal transitions

These products are used safely in different areas. The common feature of each is that it provides a strong resistance to different effects with its durable material structure. Thus, it provides a safe use without any problems.

Polyethylene Fittings


Polyethylene Fittings Suitable for Different Usage Area

Prepared under a high technology, PE pipe types offer resistance especially against impacts and cracks. These products, whose assembly method is satisfactorily durable, are free of any assembly defects. Especially since it is prepared from high density polyethylene active ingredient, it is much stronger than other products.

That’s why PE 100 products are mostly preferred today. Especially, thanks to its long-lasting design, it prevents future damages. Depending on the project handled, it is produced on a design that provides approximately 100 years of service.

The PE connection contains 5 elements. These;

  1. Housing
  2. Seal ring
  3. Clamp ring
  4. Bushing pressing
  5. A cap that acts as a nut.

Polyethylene fittings are advantageous in many ways. It is stronger and more sensitive to high pressure than other pipes. It is more practical and long-lasting thanks to the parts it is used. PE pipes are liquid-tight and do not have leakage currents. The flexibility of the materials makes it very easy to bond to each other.

By the method of joining, polyethylene fittings are divided into 3 main types. These;

  1. Casting
  2. Thermistor
  3. Compression

Polyethylene Pipe Properties

  • They are extremely resistant pipes
  • They are strong against high pressure
  • Economical in terms of cost
  • Long-lasting working pipes
  • Improves the quality of pipelines
  • Polyethylene pipes are liquid-tight and leak-proof.
  • Due to their flexibility, they provide convenience during the procedure.

Special Products Resistant to All Kinds of Effects

One of the most important privileges of these PE pipe fittings is that they have a highly flexible design. Moreover, on the contrary, it creates a rigid structure while offering a flexible structure. When these two factors are taken into consideration, it stands out as a much longer lasting, durable and quality product.

Dimensions of the Polyethylene Fittings

We manufacture  polyethylene fittings in a variety of sizes at our company. As a result, these various dimensions present our consumers with a long range of options from which to choose.

You may visit our internet site or connect with us from our other contract addresses to get more information

How Much Do Polyethylene Fittings Cost?

HDPE fittings’ price can change depending on the size of the machine. You can find these fittings on the internet, but every site has a different price list. In our company, we are very proud of producing good quality products of good quality.

You may visit our price list catalogue or you can connect with us whenever you want.

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