What are Electrofusion Welding Machines?

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Electrofusion Welding Machines

Electrofusion welding machines are welding machines used to fix two plastic pipes together with the help of fittings. The machines controlled by a computer are functional on HDPE-PP-PVDF pipe types. It is used in connection parts between 10 and 32 bars. Conformity to international standards has been determined as ISO 12176-1. It is light and offers easy installation.  The working power of the machines suitable for working at -15 C ° ~ + 60 C ° ambient temperature is 120 Amps.

Machines called HDPE electrofusion welding machine connect polyethylene pipes and fittings. In this way, the pipes attached to each other are used according to the purpose. It becomes functional with the help of additional parts in connecting pipes made of materials other than polyethylene.

Electrofusion Welding Machines Working Method

In the electrofusion method, the pipes placed in the fittings are connected to the welding machine. These machines work with a barcode system. Heat transfer is made according to the information received from the barcode on the piece. In this way, HDPE pipes followed by electrofusion parts are combined.

With this method, HDPE pipes from 20 mm to 1600 mm in diameter are combined. After the welding is completed, the resource report can be obtained. The welding machine is operated with 220 V electricity by the welding operator. HDPE electrofusion welding machines works automatically.

Where Are Electrofusion Welding Machines Used?

Electrofusion welding can be done in all areas where HDPE pipes are used such as Subway water supplies, plumbing, drinking water, building, hydraulics, construction and engineering. Electrofusion welding machines provide ease of use and transportation savings with their light structure.It plays an important role in the repair of pipes thanks to its fittings and offers long lasting products.

What Are The Technical Features?

Welding machines offering many advantages as HDPE pipe electrofusion welding machine; It provides the combination of pipes in PE, PP, PVDF material. It provides the connection of pipes with fittings up to a diameter of 40 mm and 2800 mm.

These machines adapt to every work area. Since it is easy to move, it provides great convenience to the operator and the company that makes the transaction. Welding made by electrofusion method is durable. It does not require any subsequent control. It protects the structure of the pipes and does not damage the pipe. Thanks to the technological possibilities it offers, the welding is completed quickly.

What Are Electrofusion Fittings?

It can use many attachments in the electrofusion welding process. HDPE pipe fusion welding machines fittings include; EF EQUAL TE, EF ELBOW, EF REDUCED TEE, EF REDUCER, EF TAPPING TEE.

Electrofusion Welding Machines Types

Welding machines are in sizes EFW630 (d.20-630) -EFW1200 (d.20-1200). Electrofusion welding machines start from EFW630 plastic pipe electrofusion machine and continue to EFW1200 plastic pipe electrofusion welding machines. The resistance power of EFW630 HDPE pipe welding machine is 220 V 0-90 Amps. The resistance power of EFW1200 plastic pipe electrofusion machine is also 200 V 0-120 Amperes.

Electrofusion and HDPE

HDPE is an important tool in the transport of fluids thanks to its high density feature.  It is a thermoplastic polymer produced from monomer ethylene. Sometimes it is necessary to extend the area through which these pipes pass or change their direction. At this point, reliable welding method is sought. Electrofusion is one of the simplest ways to safely install HDPE pipes, which play a role in providing many services that make life easier. With the use of electrofusion welding machines, HDPE pipes are easily attached to each other. The process takes a short time and yields.

Electrofusion Welding Machine Price

Electrofusion machine price vary according to machine sizes and functions. As the weld diameter increases, the prices of electrofusion welding machines increase. There is an opportunity to make economical saving with machines that offer ease of use and robust welding. Welds made with these welding machines are long-lasting and resistant to impacts.

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