What is Data Logger and where is it used?

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Data Logger

A data logger is an electronic device that records information at a certain time. The type of information to be saved is determined by the user. According to our purpose here, our topic is temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, water level, etc. it is limited to physical parameters.

People have been using recorders for many years, so they’re not just invented. We want to know what happened when no one was around. For example, most of us have been trying to figure out if we wake up in the morning and have energy during the night. There are several ways to understand this.

Whether the energy is cut off while we sleep or the duration of the interruption may not actually affect the lives of most of us. But if a large cooler with perishable food has stopped, then the situation will be very different, and we will want to know the duration of the power outage, how much the temperature has risen and how long it has lasted. This is where recorders will work.

Data loggers are usually used in remote areas where energy cannot be easily transported. Ideal for those working in field work, monitoring during transport, heating/cooling/ventilation (HVAC) testing, problem detection, quality studies, general research and Educational Sciences. Data recorders are devices with a wide range of applications. Because they are small, they are ideal for placing in handle and difficult places.

We are actually thankfull to the latest applications of new technology. Because they have been turned into miniature electronic devices, so much so that they run on batteries and can automatically record information for later transfer to computers. To minimize the size and cost, the use and full control of data loggers is carried out through personal computers with special software. Typically, an interface cable is connected to the computer’s serial port (USB or RS232). At the other end of the cable is a small socket that can be plugged directly into the data recorder. All communication is done via this cable and managed / installed with software.

In the use of such a battery-powered device, it is usually followed by the following sequence.

  1. The device connects to a personal computer.
  2. Using the software obtained with the device, the data recorder is given “start” to start data recording.
  3. The device is removed from the computer connection and placed where the data is wanted to be saved and left there.
  4. The data recorder will save the information to be recorded in its memory.

When the requested recording time expires, the data recorder will be reconnected to the computer.

After that, data is transferred to the computer using the device’s special software. Many software packages allow the user to view data in different formats. The most common format is Chart and table formats. This format gives the user an idea of what is happening quickly. Presents raw data to the user. This format is convenient for transferring data to applications such as Microsoft Excel. After the data is transferred to the computer, it can be saved to the computer and/or disks, then recalled or printed from the printer.

Elborweltech “data loggers” are small, battery-powered, smart devices that record measurements of physical parameters for later recall with a computer. Significant improvements have been made to their performance due to advances in technology. Elborweltech has defined its mission as using state-of-the-art technology in its products as soon as applicable. Therefore, in the design and development of new devices, as the current “data logger”s track has a relentless commitment to performance improvements, and in the context of price and performance has taken its place as a leader in the industry.

Uses Of Data Loggers

In classical manual meteorological stations, observation notebooks have now been replaced by data loggers and loggers with larger memories located in the Centers. Data, 7.14.21 or every three hours of synoptic observation instead of minute data at any time, the ease to be recorded has been achieved thanks to data logger.

Uses of data loggers for the field of meteorological engineering

wind turbine

  • For meteorological data, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed-direction, sunbathing values, precipitation soil temperatures, current-air, evaporation, etc.
  • Hydrometeorological data; precipitation-flow relations, water level, flow rate etc.
  • Wind turbines installation stage; wind speed and direction values at different levels and auxiliary meteorological parameters.
  • Solar panels at the installation stage; sunbathing parameters.

Multi-functional data loggers are used in meteorological stations, precipitation-flow observation stations.

How Much Does a Data Logger Costs?

A data logger’s price can change depending on the machine. You can find these machines on the internet, but every site has a different price list. In our company, we are very proud of producing good quality products of good quality. You can visit our price list catalogue or you can connect with us whenever you want.

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